Professional Achievements


The recognitions and citations that I received and the leadership positions entrusted to me in this practice are manifestations of my devotion to this respected yet demanding practice. On the other hand, attending various conventions and seminars, and sharing my expertise as a speaker in several occasions is always enriching. All these things transform to serving my patients better and assuring them that their welfare is in safe and skillful hands.

Dr. Alonzo believes that skill and constant training are strict requirements to perform safe and satisfying operations. But apart from that, he recognizes that an “eye for beauty,” a gift that not all cosmetic surgeons are privileged to receive, is an additional asset. And Dr. Alonzo is one of those few people who can credit both essentials under his name that made him one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeons in the country.

In the Philippines, cosmetic surgery started way back in the 1960s where it is only performed to correct congenital defects like harelip and deformation. But during the 1970s, this practice evolved into the science of enhancing the look of a person. As the years progressed, cosmetic surgery has been a hit to more people especially those belonging to the middle and upper class. Dr. Alonzo sees a very bright potential for this industry in the coming years. “I hope that more people will be confident in undergoing cosmetic surgery. I want them to understand that this process is safe and scientific.”

With more than 1000 cosmetic surgeons in the country at present, Dr. Alonzo is one of those on top of the list who has serviced satisfied celebrities, professionals, housewives, yuppies, teenagers, hunks and ordinary people who cared to improve their outer looks.

Taken during his 1st year term as president of Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery Year 2005., as inducted by Dr..Collantes Jose

Because of the rapid change in current technology, Dr. Alonzo makes sure that he is always updated about them. Dr. Alonzo not only exposes himself to professional gatherings, but he also immerses himself in the company of well-trained surgeons and doctors by being an active member of many organizations and associations. He became the president of the Philippine Academy for Aesthetic Surgery (PAAS) for two consecutive terms from 2004-2005.

During his term, Dr. Alonzo acknowledged his responsibility as a leader of a highly- esteemed organization and at the same time still saw himself as a follower. “I am more of a service person. Ask what you can do for PAAS, not what PAAS can do for you,” Dr. Alonzo shares his motto.

When he was serving his term as PAAS President, he improved the reputation of his organization and promoted cosmetic surgery as a safe and practical way of being beautiful inside and out. He also increased the membership base and further strengthened the competencies of his members by fielding them to different seminars spearheaded by foreign lecturers in cosmetic surgery. He also involved the society in various international conventions to gain worldwide exposure for continuing education and to keep abreast on the latest technologies and techniques in various cosmetic surgery procedures.

Dr. Alonzo sees his profession as a way of reaching out to other people. He admits that more than the personal benefits that he gets from his work, what motivates him to further improve his craft is his honest desire to help his patients. He relates that surgery becomes a way for people to find their places in this fast changing society. Whether it be for people to gain confidence, boost their self-esteem or get jobs they dream for themselves, cosmetic surgery becomes a wave to transform many, not only physically but also inwardly. But still, Dr. Alonzo concedes to the limitations of this practice. “We honestly tell our patients that they should not expect the impossible, for I cannot change everything entirely. The best I can do is to improve their aesthetic appearance but only GOD can totally change them,“ he says.

Part of his effort to reach out to more people who desires change in their personal looks and lives, Dr. Alonzo strives more to elevate the quality of BEAUFACES and cosmetic surgery as a whole. “I hope as mentor and leader I’ll be able to instill in the minds of all my colleagues that cosmetic surgery is not just about earning lots of money (though some may consider it yes), but what really matters most is that you have a heart for everyone who wants to change their lives for the better, because they are now more confident with the way they look and feel about themselves.”

Seminars and Conventions

  • Gender Aesthetic Congress Asia Marina Bay Sands Con Centre, Singapore –April 13, 2013
  • 3rd Condensed Fat Grafting Cell-Assisted Surgical Forum -Bangkok Convention Centre – March 30, 2013
  • 21st Congress of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery -Geneva, Switzerland – September 2012
  • 6th World Congress of Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery -Intercon Hotel, Makati, Philippines – March 3-4, 2012
  • 62nd International College of Surgeons. -Diamond Hotel, Philippines, December 20, 2011
  • Philippine Society of Liposuction Surgery Inc. -Tagaytay Medical Center, October 15- 16, 2011
  • Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Taipei International Convention Center – September 4-6, 2009
  • 1st World Congress Philippine Society for Liposuction Surgery -De Los Santos Medical Center – March 8-9, 2009
  • 11th Int. Congress Of the Oriental Society of Plastic Surgery -Waterfront Hotel - Cebu City – November 16-19, 2008
  • 7th Annual Rhinoplasty Course of FACES, INC -Ospital ng Makati, Makati City – June 6-7, 2008
  • International Society for Dermatologic Surgery Philippine Lung Center – March 5, 2008
  • Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery Live Demo Workshop "Body Contouring (Master Class).Lung Center of the Philippines, Q.C. – Nov. 25, 2007
  • International Master Course on Aging Skin -Bangkok, Thailand– July 15-17, 2007
  • International Master Course on Aging Skin 6th World Congress of Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery -Intercon Hotel, Makati, Manila – Feb
  • Annual Convention Phil.Society of Liposuction Surgery - Delos Santos Medical Center – May 7, 2006
  • Annual Convention Philippine Society of Aesthetic Specialist - AFP Medical Center – February 16, 2006
  • 5th World Congress of Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery - Tokyo, Japan – November 2005
  • 1st International Congress On Advanced Cosmetic Surgery - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – August 2004
  • 3rd World Congress of Cosmetic Surgery - Shanghai, China – October 2002
  • 68th Congress of Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery - Tokyo, Japan – August 1995
  • World Symposium on Cosmetic Surgery - Shangri-la Plaza Hotel, Makati City, Philippines – 1995
  • 44th Congress of Japan Society of Cosmetic Surgery - Tokyo, Japan – October 16 to 20, 1988
  • 1st International Convention of ASEAN for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery - Tokyo, Japan – October 26 to 28, 1988
  • Annual Convention of Phil. Society of Liposuction Surgery, 2003-2005
  • Post Graduate Course of Phil. Society of Liposuction Surgery, 2003-2005
  • Annual Convention of Phil. Academy of Aesthetic Surgery, 1994-2005
  • Post Graduate Course of Phil.Academy of Aesthetic surgery, 1994-2005
  • Annual Convention of Philippine Society of Cosmetic Surgery - 1986-2005
  • Post Graduate Course of Phil. Society of Cosmetic Surgery – 1987-2005

Dr. Alonzo Awards & Certificates