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I consider myself first and foremost an artist. But instead of using the paint and brush to produce a work of art, I use the science of cosmetic surgery to let beauty shine out in each of my patients.


Dr. Alonzo is one of the most sought-after and well-respected cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines. Aiming to enhance and perfect his craft, he has undergone years of education and training from esteemed institutions here and abroad, actively taken part and contributed in various seminars and conventions, and has rendered his service to several distinguished clinics. He is also a member and officer for numerous organizations and associations in the field and was given several awards not only for his work as a cosmetic surgeon but for being a leader and generous volunteer as well.

With these experience and accomplishments, Dr. Alonzo realized his new calling: to set up his own cosmetics surgery clinic. Thus, BEAUFACES came to be and is now one of the most respected clinics of its kind here in the country. The clinic, in existence since 1987 has rendered the best of service, having clients from different lifestyles, professions, and places – even to clients from abroad.

Indeed, with his more than 30 years of education, training and practice, Dr. Alonzo has made his name and gained his stature in the world of cosmetic surgery as one of the “Masters” of this science and craft.

Patients Testimonials

With the rapid development in technology nowadays, the world has become a place for greater possibilities – even going as far as reaching the world of aesthetics. Cosmetic Surgery is one of such greater possibilities; a new trend that creates and provides new opportunities for those who wish and dream to renew their beauty and their confidence; a field that, with its capability for physical enhancement, has created wonders and has given hope for many, men and women alike.

This capability however is not owed to technology alone. Cosmetics surgery is no ordinary procedure of science and beauty combined. Suffice to conclude, it takes a professional or an expert – a capable cosmetic surgeon to handle a successful cosmetic surgery. It requires a skilled hand plus an imaginative and creative vision like Dr. Alonzo.

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