Stem cell Therapy

Stem-cell therapy is a strategy that introduces new adult stem cells into damaged tissue in order to treat disease or injury. It involves collecting adult stems cells, incubating them and re-injecting them back into the body. Many believe that stem-cell treatments have the potential to repair and replace the damaged cells in the diseased or aged nerves, tissues or organs of the body, with minimal risk of rejection and side effects.

The major advantages of getting the adult stem cells from the adipose tissues are:

  1. A therapeutic dose of regenerative cells can be extracted and isolated from the fat tissue in just one hour even without cell culture;
  2. It is very safe. Patients receive their own cells (autologous-use) so there is no risk of immune rejection or transmission; and
  3. Stem cells from adipose tissue benefit from multiple mechanisms-of-action.

Adult stem cell therapy has shown to give improvements in the condition of patients suffering from any diseases that were once believed to be incurable. The recent clinical studies indicate that it can make improvements even among children with autism. The procedure also holds great promise in curing a wide variety of degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, heart diseases, blood cancers and other blood diseases, skin disorder such as scleroderma, vascular diseases, spinal cord injuries, arthritis, and diabetes and its many consequences (including retinopathy, neuropathy and gangrene) Aside from improving the conditions of patients afflicted with degenerative diseases, Autologous Stem Cell Transplant can produce an anti-aging “side effect” that can rejuvenate the body, making it look younger and feeling stronger.

The following are the anti-aging "side effects" occurs as a result of stem cell therapy:

  1. Energetic and desire for more physical activity;
  2. Increase positive attitude and good moods;
  3. Prevents renal failure;
  4. Improves sleeping patterns; hearing and eyesight
  5. Better memory, attention span and concentration;
  6. Restores activity of damaged internal organs and tissues;
  7. Stronger immune system;
  8. Increase sexual desire and potency;
  9. Improves hair thickness; and enhances ability to lose weight.

The whole procedure takes 4 to 5 hours under deep sedation. You can go home on the same day. Since the stem cells come from your own body, there is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction. You can start to see or feel the effects on your body between two weeks to 11 months. The texture, color and suppleness of your skin will improve. You will also feel more energetic and mentally alert – and even experience an increase in sexual desire.

It might take a little longer though if you are suffering from a degenerative disease. Some patients submit themselves to another transplant to accelerate the improvement. The earliest that you can have a repeat treatment is a year after your last.