Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Gynecomastia is a condition in males wherein their breasts are enlarged. Usually developed from adolescence to advanced adulthood, gynecomastia is often the result of excess fatty tissue due to obesity, hormonal imbalance, anti-androgen medications, excessive drinking and substance use.

You can undergo Male Breast Reduction to remove excess breast tissue deposits to correct displeasing body image, thereby restoring self-esteem.

“More than the physical discomfort, the social life of the person afflicted with gynecomastia is also affected, as he can’t attend events or outings that may require exposing his upper body. So far, all my patients who underwent the procedure are now leading happy and successful lives, both personal and professional. If you are considering male breast reduction, you should also keep in mind that the result of the surgery can only improve your chest profile. You should keep your goals realistic. After the procedure, enroll in an exercise and diet program, for long-term aesthetic results. Possibilities are endless, male breast reduction is the start,” says Dr. Alonzo.

The surgery:

  • Male breast reduction involves removal of excess fat and/or breast tissue through liposuction using small cannula. It can also be done in conjunction with excision technique depending on the amount of fat to be removed.
  • Surgery is performed in the clinic’s operating room on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, with or without hospital stay, and usually takes one to two hours to complete.
  • After the surgery, you will have bandages, which will be removed after a week. Stitches will be removed after 7 days.
  • You will experience tenderness; swelling and some minor pain and discomfort for a few days, but these can be relieved by the medications prescribed by Dr. Alonzo.

Post surgery:

  • You can go back to work 4 to 7 days following your surgery. Some patients report that they go back to work or school 3 days after their surgery.
  • While recuperating at home, wear a surgical vest for three weeks until the marks, bruising, and swelling are gone. Avoid strenuous activities like sports, exercise and weight training for at least 6 weeks after the surgery. Final result can be seen after a month.
  • Risks associated with male breast reduction are minimal. It may include infection on the incision site and scarring, but if you will follow your surgeon’s instructions, those risks can be limited.
  • Be sure to discuss all your concerns about the surgery with Dr. Alonzo during your initial consultation, and follow all his instructions from your pre-surgery to post surgery care, for a speedy and healthy recovery.