Diamond Peel

Diamond Peel is a non-intrusive approach to fruit acid and chemical peeling that enhances the production alternative of chemical peeling, making it suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Itregenerates skin effectively and enhances the production of new skin cells. It is proven safe and effective, and has no downtime as it takes only 30 to 45 minutes per session to complete.

The depth of skin peeling can be controlled by the size of tips and tubes. This machine leaves no traces of residue on the face during and after the treatment. With the aid of soft micro-granule crystals, diamond peel treatment works in several ways:

  1. Treats and Eliminates Acne Scars
  2. Diamond peel flushes out excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cell out of the pores and facial follicles, thus leaves no trace of dirt, and lightens acne scars in just few treatments. With the cleaning of skin comes increased cell renewal, revealing a fresh and healthy looking skin.
  3. Renews dry and aging skin
  4. Diamond peel's exfoliating properties, smoothens out the evidence of aging by gently liberating the skin from flakiness, dryness and dull appearance. It also boosts skin's ability to absorb and retain moisture, allowing more water and nutrients to penetrate the skin. In the process, the skin becomes refined to beauty perfection --youthful looking.
  5. Neutralizes dark and uneven skin tone
  6. A ready solution to patches, blots dark and uneven skin tone, the Diamond peel neutralizes skin blemishes left by overexposure to sun, aging and other unwanted dirt intrusions. With this treatment, skin looks rosier and supple.
  7. Whitens skin pigmentation
  8. Diamond peel hastens the removal of dark pigments called melanin and also other harmful residues. It also increases the skin's resistance against the detrimental effects of ultra violet rays.After every treatment, feel that instant glow in your skin!