Beauty Products

ASTRINGENT = Skin toner which has Vitamin A that helps exfoliate dead skin. It is good for treating traces of pimples or acne & other skin blemishes. It brings out younger, smoother & pinkish glow in the skin.

BLEACHING SOAP = It has a whitening compound that helps lighten the skin color and removes freckles and blemishes.

BLEACHING CREAM = Effective solution in treating freckles, sunburn, skin pigmentation and stretch mark. Everyday application can achieve younger and whiter skin. The use sunblock cream in the morning is recommended.

BLEACHING LOTION = Ideal for the hand and body to help in the treatment of freckles, sunburn, skin pigmentation and stretch mark. Use it every day to achieve younger, smoother and whiter skin.

CLEANSING SOAP = Cleanser for dry skin with or without acne. Apply with fingertips and massage then wash off. A second application is needed to hydrate and soften skin.

COLLAGEN CREAM = Maintenance cream for those who has collagen deficiency (causing premature wrinkles). It augments any collagen infusion therapy. People aged 30 and above should use this product as daily regimen. It is also good for normal and dry skin.

EYE CREAM = It helps moisturize dry and flaky skin around the eye and the cheekbone. This can be used day and night.

GLUTATHIONE TABLETS = has powerful antioxidant properties that help maintain the liver and the liver cells. It protects and preserves the brain and other tissues against free radicals. It is also helpful in detoxification process by neutralizing certain toxins such as heavy metals, chemical pollutants and carcinogens. It also delays the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which contributes heart problems. This powerful amino acid nourishes white blood cells and helps in maintaining a healthy immune system. This products is not only a powerful antioxidant, it also serves as anti-aging and helps in whitening the skin.

LEMON / ACNE SOAP = Mild lemon soap for acne prone skin without over drying the sensitive skin.

MAGIC SOAP = Hypoallergenic soap that gives a renewed and fresh feeling of soft and moisturized skin.

SUNBLOCK CREAM = Moisturizing and soft cream that protects against UV-B and UV-C radiation. It protects against drying out brought by the sun and the wind and calms and soothes burning sensation.

TRETINOIN SOAP = Glycerin-based soap containing Vitamin A that protects the skin against moisture loss & rejuvenates sun-dried skin.