From the eyes of his colleagues

"We make sure that our patients receive high level of medical support and attention, before, during and after the treatment. We leave nothing by chance, but instead work on every procedure with accuracy and precision. Our patients can undergo their desired treatments without stress and worries.""
Dr. Alonzo is a very competent surgeon, friendly and humble. As a mentor he has always a kind word to all the trainees. Encouraging words are shared mostly during fellowship. In terms of procedures in the operating room, he is not selfish to impart his expertise and techniques. Dr. Alonzo is also an ideal father and a good family man. He is very generous, charitable, energetic and full of life.
As a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alonzo is a dedicated and passionate to his work with tireless pursuit of perfection. And as a mentor, he is selfless and eager to share knowledge of his craft. He is a kind of mentor who has the best interest of his students at heart.

Dr. Alonzo is one of the foundations of cosmetic surgery in the Philippines. His expertise in this field, without question, is one of the highest at present. He surpassed not only the test of skill but conquered all the qualities of a well-rounded cosmetic surgeon.

Master of Surgery,” that’s a fitting address to my mentor. The very first time I saw you operate and see the results after; I believed that there really is such a thing as an innately gifted cosmetic surgeon. I pray that may I always be welcome to assist you in your future operations and medical missions. All respect belongs to you, Doc Benz!

I would say that Dr. Alonzo is at far, the best cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines. We need esteemed “masters” like him to keep doing their craft.
He has vast experience in the common cosmetic procedures and has been well-updated with the latest development in the field of cosmetic surgery. Thank you so much for patiently teaching us, Doc. I am privileged to have you as one of my mentors.
Doc Benz, I have to say, has really very good techniques in conducting Rhinoplasty & Blepharoplasty. He performs the operations with ease and shows a keen mastery of what he is doing.He is very confident in his operations, very relaxed during surgery and possesses diverse skills that enable him to execute successful procedures that go beyond techniques taught in books.”
He is knowledgeable in terms of all cosmetic surgery procedures. He applies innovative techniques he has learned and experienced through the years.
Dr. Benjamin Tan Alonzo is a very effective mentor. In terms of training skills, I describe him as practical in the transfer of knowledge and skills to his trainee like me.
Dr. Alonzo exactly knows what he is doing in every aspect of cosmetic surgery. With his length of practice in this field, he can help improve cosmetic surgery in the country. He is an effective mentor as he explains every procedure accurately and clearly.
Dr. Alonzo is at “par” with the rest of the society. He has a variety of cases with which he is an expert. He is also well-known.
As a mentor, Dr. Alonzo shares his secret techniques to us. For someone who has accomplished a lot, I am impressed with his humility. But on the lighter side, Dr. Alonzo is very accommodating, approachable, jolly and fun to be with. Doc, stay as you are and thank you very much!
Dr. Alonzo has very broad skills in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. He has excellent training skills and shares everything he knows with others.

Dr. Alonzo is very good and very patient in doing his work. He also has excellent knowledge on what he’s doing. I’ve learned a lot of things that I know I’ll only learn from Dr. Alonzo. He’s one of a kind.”

“Dr. Alonzo is performing “par excellence” in terms of cosmetic surgery procedures.”

“Excellent! That’s how I rate Sir Benjie’s training skills. His surgical skills is so world class and he seems to be able to perfect it. I’m very proud of him as my mentor for he is willing to share all his styles. Sir Benjie will be a great asset to the society not only in the local arena but also abroad.”
“I’m so grateful for having Benjie as a friend and as a mentor. He is a person who really wants to share his knowledge and expertise to those who are willing to learn the art of Cosmetic Surgery. I think he is one of the best in town.”
“I am very proud to have him as my mentor. He has all the potential in the improvement and betterment of Cosmetic Surgery in the Philippines, as long as he updates himself with the latest technology and techniques in Cosmetic Surgery”
“Dr. Alonzo is very expert in cosmetic surgery especially in Rhinoplasty (nose lift), Blepharoplasty and Penile Lengthening and Enlargement. He is excellent and innovative. He is also very cooperative and devoted to his work.”
Excellent! That’s how I rate Dr. Alonzo’s expertise in cosmetic surgery. He is a very competent trainor because of his unselfishness in imparting knowledge. He even shares lessons learned from his experiences. Aside from being a cosmetic surgeon per excel lance, he is also a very good person. Since Dr. Alonzo is one of the leading cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines, he has the right perspective in formulating policies and protocols for the improvement of the practice of cosmetic surgery in the Philippines.