About Dr. Alonzo



Dr. Benjamin Tan Alonzo is one of the most sough-after, well-respected cosmetic surgeons in the Philippines. He has been in active practice since May of 1987 which undeniably makes him one of the Masters in the Art of Cosmetic Surgery.

Devoted to his craft, he became the president of Philippine Academy of Aesthetic Surgery (PAAS) for two consecutive years from 2004 to 2005, for which he is also an active faculty member. He was also the auditor of the Philippine Society of Liposuction Surgery Inc. and was an officer of the Philippine Board of Liposuction Surgery. Dr. Alonzo is also an active member of international cosmetic surgery organizations such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery, International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Asian Pacific Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

His combined outstanding qualities ─ his skilled hands and his more than 26 years of undisputed expertise ─ amaze his patients with the results of their surgery. He has the patience and the professionalism to listen and explain the nitty-gritty of every procedure. He has an aura of a true connoisseur and a trustworthy man that makes a patient totally comfortable and safe in every step of the surgery. No wonder, he has already satisfied thousands of men and women in his full-time calling as a cosmetic surgeon. Putting premium in every procedure that he does, he has already changed the old-fashioned attitude of Filipinos and opened their hearts and minds to take advantage of the wonders brought about by technology.

Cosmetic surgery is and would always be Dr. Alonzo’s first love. He was the only one among the 12 siblings of a Chinese businessman who entered the medical world. A handsome man himself, he endeavours to make this world a beautiful place by enhancing the physical attributes of every individual who wants to look and feel more beautiful. Having an eye for good looks, he makes use of what he has learned from Dra. Collantes Jose at De Los Santos Hospital in Quezon City, Philippines and eventually furthered his training at the Jujin Hospital and Inaba Specialist Clinic in Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Alonzo continues to attend numerous medical conventions, scientific meetings and post-graduate seminars here and abroad to keep current with the latest cosmetic surgery techniques, in which sometimes he is one of the invited speakers. He also appears on several television and radio programs where he discusses and gives live demonstrations on his cosmetic surgery and surgical techniques. With this, he aspires to make the Philippines, the Cosmetic Surgery Capital, not only in Asia but in the whole wide world.

Being successful in his medical profession, he returns God’s blessings through community service. Notably a Rotarian by heart, “Service Above Self “is his battle cry. Dr. Alonzo was the president of Rotary Club of Timog in year 2000. His enormous contributions to the club have earned for him numerous awards and accolades, the most prominent of which are: Most Outstanding Rotarian of the year from 2002 to 2012, Rotary International for avenues of service citation for individual Rotarians, Rotary Special Achievement Award, Rotarian of the Year Award, RC Timog, QC, Leadership Award of Rotary Club of Timog, QC. At present, he is the New Generation Chairman of Rotary District 3780, as well as Chairman of the Medical Missions Committee of Rotary Club of Timog, Quezon City.

Besides being a professional doctor and a Rotarian by heart, Dr. Alonzo is first and foremost a typical father. He sees to it that he spends time with his family despite his rigorous schedule. He makes sure that they attend mass every Sunday and after that go to the mall to eat out or watch a good movie.

Another outstanding quality of Dr. Alonzo is his sincerity and dedication, not only to his professional work and family, but also to his personal principles. He practices what he preaches, as he maintains a healthy body inside and out.His physical workouts consist of golf tournaments or a session of badminton with his friends every week. If he has extra time, he goes to the pool and hones his skills in swimming. On a lighter note, Dr. Alonzo loves to pamper himself and relieve the stress of work by having a relaxing body massage and spa or just brisk walking around his subdivision to sweat out and keep fit.